Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delpit Blog: Argument

To be honest, I was slightly lost during the first 4-5 pages of this article.  When Delpit starting using quotes on page 28 with discussion, that was when I got a better understanding of her focus. 

I feel that......This author Delpit argues that students of different cultural backgrounds learn differently, so why do some schools teach just from a white middle class perspective?

After reading this article and marking up the pages, my eyes were opened up to how some schools teach students (the curriculum, writing process, dialect, etc.) from the "white middle class" or "norm" perspective.  Delpit argues, as I support, that students from different backgrounds learn differently, so why not teach them differently?  This is where I noted that, "you have to understand your students, knowing there strengths, weaknesses and how they learn".  Here teachers should create lessons that touch upon all their students, creating a successful lesson.  Use the curriculum necessary and tweak it to fit your students.  I added a note at the beginning of the last paragraph on page 46, "teachers are not robots", stating that you have to customize your teaching, be flexible on the varieties of students in your classroom.  Teaching the same lesson, each year with different students, may not be effective because you may have students with different learning styles. 
I also like the part where Delpit says that the teacher cannot be the only expert in the classroom.  I learn from my students everyday!!!  I make mistakes in spelling where my students will correct me, I honestly have a "Word" document up on my computer for spell check purposes.  Creating a classroom where students are able to speak freely helps them to feel a sense of ownership within their classroom.  This will help students to feel comfortable to express their concerns and questions.  This will give the teacher more knowledge on her students, creating lessons that touch on their needs.

Overall another interesting article!!  Again I was discouraged with the length, but it held my attention and extended my thoughts regarding this topic.  Thanks!        

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  1. I was also lost for the first page or two! I did not enjoy the article at first, but then as I continued reading, I got into it. I also liked the part where Delpit says that the teacher cannot be the only expert in the room. I believe learning is a dynamic, shared activity as well.