Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rodrigueiz/Collier: Extended comments

After reading the articles Aria, by Richard Rodriguez and Teaching Multilingual Children, by Virginia Collier, I got a better understanding of the teaching and learning of native and nonnative languages.  I never realized the struggles when teaching ELL students or the difficulties students face daily with language.

I read Nina's blog to use for my extended comments.  She does an amazing job over viewing the two authors and their pieces.  At the end of reviewing Collier, Nina writes,"Collier states that the reason to use all of these activities in the classroom is to make language learning as relevant as possible, eliminate boredom, and raise awareness.  She wants not only the student to be enriched but also the teachers."  I instantly relate this to Delpit in my past blog , " Delpit says that the teacher cannot be the only expert in the classroom." Teachers learn everyday from their students, I know I do!  Working together will help students self-esteem and make for a safe learning environment to become successful. 

I agree with Nina's connection to Finn's Literacy with an Attitude.  All students need to receive relevant and empowering literacy.  These skills will help the student to become successful in their lives.  It is the teachers part to find out the most effective way to deliver this information to his/her students so that they can gain this success. 

I can relate to the connections Nina draws from Delpits article, Other People’s Children.  I feel you have to understand and follow the rules of the "power of culture" to become successful.  I also agree that one should not "let go" of their personal identity when doing this.  In Aria, I was saddened to hear about his fathers silence.  I think that one needs to find a happy medium to learn the skills to success, while still preserving who they are as an individual.  When it comes to children, that is where teachers can help them to learn, while keeping their identity.  I also think that Delpit would agree and relate to both articles/authors.  Collier describes the ways to teach to success, which Delpit wants and how Rodriguez needed the skills, though difficult, to feel as part of a society.

During my reading of Aria, I related the silenced father to Delpit's title "The Silenced Dialogue."  It does show how the "norm" can take over and "silence" others, as they don't even exist.  

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  1. Great comments on Nina's blog. I totally agree that not only students, but also teachers need to be enriched to better deal with the classroom issues.